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Monstera Deliciosa is native to the rain forests of Mexico and Central America. Its young leaves are smaller with no lobes or holes, but produce their famed perforated leaves as they mature. As a sub-canopy plant, monsteras are tolerant of lower light conditions, but will grow more quickly and evenly in bright indirect light.


Appreciates bright, indirect light. It is tolerant of medium - low light conditions, but prefers an east or west facing window.

Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Monstera prefer soil that is consistently moist with a dry out period between waterings. As epiphytes with aerial roots, they are sensitive to overwatering. Typically, you shouldn't have to water your Monstera more than once every 7-10 days.

Medium humidity. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts. Monstera leaves are large and easily collect dust so appreciate being wiped down with a clean cloth several times per year. You can encourage more aerial root growth with occasional misting.

Displayed image is of 21 x 70cm

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AIDEN LONGMUIR - June 28, 2021
Very happy with my new monstera. I got the 14x50 size and the size of the decorative pot was very surprising! the nursery pot inside is almost 1-2 inches smaller than the decorative one allowing you to keep it in the same ‘pot’ for quite a long time even after repotting it once or twice.

The moss was very confusing at first but it serves (in my opinion) two purposes
1) it hides the smaller nursery pot and makes it harder to tell that the plant is lower down that it seems 2) provides a bit of moisture to the arial roots.

Overall very happy with my purchase! you definitely get your moneys worth!
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