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Alocasia Wentii

Hardy Elephant Ear

The large glossy leaves with ruby red undersides and a mature size of around 1.5m make Hardy Elephant Ear a stunning statement plant.

This hybrid of Alocasia odora and Alocasia gageana is unusually cold tolerant for an Elephant Ear (Alocasia), only losing its leaves for winter at temperatures below 8°C, making it a great plant for colder rooms or conservatoriBeaucarnea Recurvata

Hardly Ponytail Palm

A short, thick brown stem. The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata) lives up to its name. Multiple tufts with curling leaves grow on the Ponytail palm. Care of this houseplant is a breeze! Don't water it until the potting soil feels dry to the touch.

The Ponytail palm likes plenty of light and can even handle being placed in direct sunlight. es whers other tropical may struggle with night-time temperatures during British winters.

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